CEO Vision Kitchen Builder and Live Objects

Additionally to CEO Vision core application we used the framework to create an iPad application that acts as a controller for a 3D augmented reality way to construct a kitchen. The 3D augment of the kitchen actually sits on top of the ipad and using the controls on iPad you can change aspects like the flooring and the wall colour. This application is delivered to the user’s glasses in full 3D so each eye sees a different image based on their separation so it makes the kitchen look as real as the iPad.

The live objects works slightly differently. The concept behind this was to be able to show you what objects looked like in real situations in your own home. In the video below we show the application working with a door. The door is tracked and an virtual door is overlaid. The user can open and close the door and it gives the experience of having the genuine article before buying.

This application is powered by the spatial operating system of CEO Vision.

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