Penguins vs Polar Bears

Penguins vs polar bears

Another app available on the android store to download today. Can you get the penguins to the north pole in one piece without the polar bears eating them? Here are some screenshots from the great app:

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My Playbook telnet client is leading the “Improvement” in playbook apps

My playbook telnet client has featured as being an ‘improved’ app for the to be release playbook.

“Up until now the apps RIM has approved to show in App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook have been pretty basic. They have slowly been improving and the latest two show more promise for the PlayBook development environment. I spotted a new and free Telnet app by Will Powell on App World intended to help developers debug TCP connections which is kind of cool. Sean Oh has also released a cool grocery list app called My Grocery Book which is also free.
These are nothing compared to the super apps we see so far on the BlackBerry and especially other tablets but I hear those are coming soon. These larger companies do not want to play their hand until they have to and many are holding off submissions to App World and not publishing the app in App World until RIM puts out a release date.”

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Fix it – Adobe Market Place

fix it

price: free

Thanks to everyone who downloaded fix it for android. Fix it now has an edition for your desktop, with access to all of the thousands of applications but now with higher resolution images to view that all important fix. Here are some screen shots of the fix it bigger brother. (This app is also currently under submission to intel appup). Available here

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Fix it – Android

fix it – repair tutorials manual

price: free

Has something broken? Do you need to mend it? Would a repair be expensive? Check out my new app fix it. This android application providing thousands of guides on how to mend anything from iPhones to Fridges and from cameras to cars. This great application provides a fast search and easy to use step by step guide with pictures for any fix. The best part is that it is completely free. Go to the android store and search for it, worth downloading could save you a bit with that next fix.

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