Project Glass: One Day … inspired

I really like the project glass by Google. To that extent I have created a version using a pair of Vuzix Glasses, Microsoft HD Webcams, mic headset and dragon naturally speaking. Using these combined pieces of hardware I was able to get the head mounted display and voice recognition. I built the application using Adobe Air. The application sports full voice recognition and has the same interface that Google project glass has. The Vuzix glasses are driven by stereoscopic feeds, which are fed by the HD cameras.

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CEO Vision – Kinect + Augmented Reality + SAP HANA

I have been the lead developer on CEO Vision. It combines the Microsoft Kinect, Augmented Reality with the SAP HANA. Check out the website to see more about the technology (Click here to visit microsite)

This video stars Nic Doodson and myself. We demo the object recognition, face tracking and face recognition along with the Microsoft Kinect to allow users to literally reach out and touch their HANA powered reality.

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aShare approved by Box

aShare aShare has been approved by box and added to their list of apps on the box website that use their api. I am currently working on deeper integration into their api.

Remember you can download aShare now from the android store.

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Math Quote – Mashup of the day on programmable web

Okay I had almost forgotten about my android apps that I created when I was getting back to grips with android and air for android. I created a few quote apps and decided to submit them to programmable web as they are mashups of the facebook api and I heart quote api. It turns out that the Math quote app is todays mash up of the day on programmableweb’s home page. There are more that are waiting to be approved so check there soon to see more of them come up!

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Blackberry playbook…. so close

Seeing as my background is in as3 and Adobe Flex I have been very excited about the new blackberry playbook coming out that has Adobe Air right at the heart of the platform. I am a developer on the device and have a few applications already live on the store. I will post up some items about each app soon, but it is still a way away from having the devices in the UK.

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