Myo and Chrome … changing, opening and closing tabs with muscle gesture detection

myo_thalmic_labs_chromeTo get a better understanding of how to write scripts for the MYO I wanted to use the MYO to control Chrome. Here is what I set for the gestures:

  • Wave Out – Move to next tab
  • Wave In – Move to previous tab
  • Spread fingers – create new tab
  • Fist – close current tab

I also wanted to share this with everyone so feel free to download and use. chromecontrol.lua


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Myo muscle sensing armband

Myo Thalmi

I have been looking forward to this device ever since it popup up as an alternative method to hand tracking. It works by analysing the electrical impulses going through your arm to understand the gestures that you hand and wrist are doing and combining this with an IMU to track where your arm is. It connects via bluetooth and there are Windows, Mac, Unity3d, iOS and Android SDKs to work with. It makes quite a few promises of what can be achieved I cannot wait to get started with it.

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Wearable technology the next frontier… brain reading with the InterAxon Muse headset


After backing Muse on Indiegogo I received my brain sensing wearable technology headset. Brain sensing! It doesn’t understand what you are thinking about but it more provides an understanding of the activity of your brain. In the box there is the headset, micro usb cable to charge the headset, a read me book and a legal document.

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