Smart Glasses – A day with Vuzix M100

At Keytree we created a concept video demoing what the capabilities of smart glasses in the fields of M100 and Google’s project glass could be.

will powell keytree labs smart glasses weatherThe ideas for this video are all around how smart glasses would work when performing everyday tasks like going to work. This starts with the concept that you can see the outside weather and your daily schedule as you walk down the stairs in the morning. This would be hooking through your mobile phone to make the relevant network calls to your MS Exchange and weather api services.

will powell keytree labs smart glasses food innovationThis is then followed by using the 1080p camera to identify food items such as branflakes and orange juice so that an active diary of your food intake can be maintained so providing useful nutritional information about how healthy your diet is. This is a completely hands off way of entering and interacting with this information, but a great way to improve your lifestyle.

will_powell_keytree_labs_smart_glasses_time_reminderSubsequently it looks at getting to work. This entails a monitor for the time it takes to get to the station reminding you when you need to leave. It then follows with updates on driving conditions and potential roadworks to avoid.

will powell keytree labs smart glasses radioAnother aspect of smart glasses is to enhance hardware around you. So when you get in a car and turn the radio on you can see live information about what you are listening to.

Overall smart glasses, opens us to a new kind of application and development becomes even more focused around augmented reality and location data rather than standard touch interactions. Taking this forward there are loads more ideas and concepts to push onto smart glasses and this is only the beginning.

Will Powell keytree labs_a_day_with vuzix m100 smart glasses

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