Myo and Chrome … changing, opening and closing tabs with muscle gesture detection

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myo_thalmic_labs_chromeTo get a better understanding of how to write scripts for the MYO I wanted to use the MYO to control Chrome. Here is what I set for the gestures:

  • Wave Out – Move to next tab
  • Wave In – Move to previous tab
  • Spread fingers – create new tab
  • Fist – close current tab

I also wanted to share this with everyone so feel free to download and use. chromecontrol.lua


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Myo muscle sensing armband

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Myo Thalmi

I have been looking forward to this device ever since it popup up as an alternative method to hand tracking. It works by analysing the electrical impulses going through your arm to understand the gestures that you hand and wrist are doing and combining this with an IMU to track where your arm is. It connects via bluetooth and there are Windows, Mac, Unity3d, iOS and Android SDKs to work with. It makes quite a few promises of what can be achieved I cannot wait to get started with it.

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Wearable technology the next frontier… brain reading with the InterAxon Muse headset

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After backing Muse on Indiegogo I received my brain sensing wearable technology headset. Brain sensing! It doesn’t understand what you are thinking about but it more provides an understanding of the activity of your brain. In the box there is the headset, micro usb cable to charge the headset, a read me book and a legal document.

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Model Cluster Structure Sensor Capture, Storing, Sharing and Effects

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In the pursuit of new technologies I backed the sensor from Occipital Inc on Kickstarter. Being one of the first 200 hundred devices I got to grips with the device and think that it is a great device and really can allow your applications to reach out into the real world.

Download Now From iTunes for your iPad

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15 Useful Image filtering, processing, OCR, utilities and helper libraries / frameworks for iOS iPhone and iPad development

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This is a list of iOS image filtering, processing, OCR, utilities and helper libraries and frameworks that I have come across for iPhone and iPad development and thought that they may be useful in one places:

1. GPU Image

By Brad Larson, GPUImage is a fantastic fast processing library to apply gpu accelerated filters to both live camera feed, movies or stills. It works on iOS 4 and above. It includes a range of filters such as Sepia, Grayscale, Blur but you can write your own easily.


2. Core Image

This is an apple framework available from iOS 5. It leverages the GPU and you don’t need to know details of OpenGL, OpenGL ES.

Documentation: Apple Core Image Docs

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Feature extractor and descriptor OpenCV performance on iOS iPad and iPhones

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I came across an article demonstrating the performance of the feature extraction and descriptor, which is useful when building opencv on iOS as it shows how the performance of your application will change across all of the devices. It compares ORB, BRISK, FREAK (using GoodFeaturesToTrack), FAST, BRIEF (using GoodFeaturesToTrack), SIFT and SURF. Feature And Descriptor Performance opencv Continue reading “Feature extractor and descriptor OpenCV performance on iOS iPad and iPhones” »

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SAP DCode 2014 Tec119 How to Change the World Augmented and Virtual Reality in Enterprise

Presentation at SAP Dcode 2014 AR and VR for Enterprise. How to change the World?

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SAP DCode 2014 Tec119 How to Change the World Augmented and Virtual Reality in Enterprise I am giving a presentation at SAP Dcode (originally teched) 2014 on the following topic:

AR and VR How to change the world?

How can augmented reality and virtual reality make a difference? What technologies are available today and coming? Find out from three-time DemoJam winners who pioneered smart glasses AR connected to SAP HANA. This extends going beyond 2D interfaces using 3D, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more connected to SAP providing next-generation applications.

I look forward to seeing you there. Check out the session here.

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History of Augmented and Virtual Reality

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Augmented and virtual reality are technologies of our time and seem to be expanding at an ever increasing pace. I wanted to look back at where the origins of these technologies have come from and the initial inventions and developments that spawned these new platforms.

Sensorama Morton HeligFor the origins of AR and VR Morton Helig is often credited. through his construction of the Sensorama machine starting in 1957. This was designed as a cinematic experience which tried to immerse all your senses. It delivered different images to each eye, played sound at you and even vibrated your chair and blew air at you. So this was a really immersive solution and functionality it has more sensory inputs than we have with todays augmented and virtual reality solutions. The first film created was a 10 minute motorbike ride through New York. Unfortunately this machine was commercial unviable partly because it is the size of an arcade machine and partly because it cost to much to make the films for. But this one machine shows some of the early ideas that have become Virtual and Augmented reality.

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Food Basket Accelerator for Tesco Groceries

Food Basket Accelerator for Groceries Chrome Plugin

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Food Basket Accelerator for Tesco Groceries

I am a fan of really great UI and functionality and wanted to add features such as autocomplete and showing me my purchase history right on the product page of when I bought it and for how much. To do this I have created a chrome extension called ‘Food Basket Accelerator‘ that provides these features. Here is some more details:

Autocomplete for – The extension pulls the products that are important to you and auto suggests them based on what you have typed and their priorities. The importance of the products is calculated based on a number of metrics so it will get more accurate over time.

Product purchase history for Tesco Groceries – When you have previously added a product to your basket you will then see it within the website product details page. It shows you how long ago you purchased it, how much and what promotions were running. In short it gives you a better experience and more informed decision into making a purchase.

All of the data that is compiled by this app remains on your own machine. It is not recorded on a server anywhere and it’s primary and sole purpose is to help you with your Tesco Online shopping.

Get it now from the chrome webstore here


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